Dance Instruction in South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia Area


“I think you’re a great teacher.”
- Mary Nosek, Director, Haddonfield Adult School (foxtrot classes)

“You told me she was good – but you didn’t say she was THIS good!”
- Tanya, Merchantville, NJ (private salsa lessons)

“I just wanted to tell you how very impressed everyone was with your lesson and teaching technique, last night. One of the couples who has taken numerous lessons said you are the best they have ever had as a teacher.”
- Joanne D., Sicklerville, NJ (country-western two-step classes)

“I took this same class before at [another place]. I learned more in the first two weeks of your class than I did in the entire eight weeks of the other class.”
- Kevin C., Somerdale, NJ (swing classes)

“The wedding and the ‘father/daughter’ dance went beautifully. Thank you for your help.”
- Sebastian A. and Allison

“You are very professional and amazing.”
- Laura M., President, Rutgers Camden MBA Student Association

“I love the way you teach. I really enjoy your class.”
- Bill P.

“Thank you for your time and wonderful lessons.”
- Toni and Rick B.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our lesson yesterday and appreciate the work you did to pull this class together.”
- Chris D.

“We very much enjoyed your lesson. Thank you for reminding me how much I love to learn. . .and dance!”
- Allison and Brian

“Loved our lesson today. Thanks so much.”
- Deb and Gene G.

“Thanks for this class, we’ve definitely had a blast learning it and will continue with you next time.”
- Coz and Lis D. (swing classes)

“It was nice working with you. Thank you so much.”
- Abhilasha C.

“Thank you for your time and wonderful lessons.”
- Toni and Rick B.

“I learned more in an hour-and-a-half [with you] than in 40 years.”
- Bob S.

(Private lessons for first wedding dance)
“The guests loved it! Thank you so much for helping us to make our reception special. Our family still talks about that dance whenever the subject of the wedding comes up – it was the highlight!”
- Pat and Ethan A.

“Thank you so much for the dance lessons. I had a lot of fun learning the different steps and look forward to future classes.”
- Marisa S.

(Private lessons for first wedding dance)
“Thank you so much for your help. We definitely enjoyed ourselves out on the dance floor and it wouldn’t have been that way without your help! You were SOOOOO right, the three minutes FLEW by and we couldn’t believe it! We were ready to dance it again!! Our family and friends gave us compliments all night long. We couldn’t have done it without you. You helped instill confidence in ourselves and taught us some very easy (after a few attempts) maneuvers that helped make us look like dancing stars!”
- Marie and Ryan

(Private lessons to attend a “destination” wedding reception)
“Our lessons made us feel more comfortable with everything out on the floor. [My wife] enjoyed ‘following’ with other partners. I am not much of a leader yet. We are happy that we made the commitment to getting quality lessons. Even more important was the impact your instruction had on my golf game! I do not play often and am capable of being OK or not very good on any given day. A large group of wedding guests played a very difficult course. I convinced myself that the golf swing is simply a dance step and chose the waltz count as my cadence. The results were amazing and I played the best round of my life!”
- Jay and Cheryl M., Voorhees, NJ

“Thanks so much. We really appreciate what you do. . .”
- Jessica D.

“I went [dancing on] Sunday night and something is definitely changing with my turning. My head is coming up and I am becoming more aware of my feet while turning. What I find is the more relaxed rhythm I feel with my leader, the more I can relax and work on my form.”
- Linda J., Florence, NJ (private intermediate salsa lessons – with emphasis on turn technique)

“I was very pleased with our lesson.”
- Joe G., Robbinsville, NJ (private intermediate salsa and west coast swing lessons)

“I still remember the fun time I had with you learning to dance! You are the best dance teacher ever. :)”
- Michelle H., Atlanta, GA

“I wanted to thank you again for helping Rachael and me with our wedding dance prep. Everyone was amazed. It was certainly a highlight of our night being able to show off what we had learned, and we would not have been able to have that experience without your guidance. We both enjoyed our opportunity to work with you and would like you to know we think you are a wonderful teacher.”
- Charlie H. (February 2014)

“I enjoyed our lesson. I learned a lot in such a short amount of time. Thanks again!”
- Matt M.- who drove a 150-mile roundtrip for a single private [hustle] lesson (November 2014)

“You are a great instructor.”
- Carmen S. (January 2016)

“Thanks. . .We’ve really enjoyed our time with you. You’ve given us plenty to work on as we prepare for our daughter’s wedding.”
- Wendy M. (June 2016 – private lessons)

“You are by far the best teacher we have had!”
- Bob R. (June 2016 – salsa classes)

“Thank you soooo much – you are a fantastic teacher.”
- Lois M. (June 2016 – salsa classes)

“Thank you much for the classes. Thanks for everything.”
- Deb M., Roebling, NJ (July 2016)

“[Dancing the dances and choreography that you taught us for our 50th anniversary party] was so much fun, Diane! Our family and friends loved it. It was the best part of the party. Thanks for all you did for us.”
- Barbara and Ken J., Stone Harbor, NJ – who drove a 160-mile roundtrip each for 4 private lessons (August 2016)

(Private lessons for bride & groom, for bride & father and for bride’s parents)
“Thank you for all you did. You made us feel very comfortable and were very patient with all of our dance lessons. You were very accommodating with working around all of our schedules. As a father, I was very happy to have found you and would highly recommend you to anyone who needs to learn how to dance or wants to learn a new dance.”
- Jim S. (bride’s father), Haddon Heights, NJ (October 2016)

(Private lessons for bride & groom, for bride & father and for bride’s parents)
“We all had a lot of fun. . .Thank you so-o-o much! Just those few lessons will stick for life and we had a great time learning!!!”
- Sandra S. (bride’s mother), Haddon Heights, NJ (November 2016)